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We appreciate your interest in McGrann Shea Carnival Straughn & Lamb, Chartered. ("McGrann Shea") and thank you for visiting our website. This website was created to provide you with information on McGrann Shea, its attorneys, our areas of practice, and the services we provide.

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While we encourage you to visit our website, to provide us with feedback about our website, and to contact our attorneys, such unsolicited contacts or communications do not constitute the formation of an attorney-client relationship. If you are interested in retaining McGrann Shea’s services, you may contact us through the contact information provided on our website. We will then put you in touch with the attorney best suited to discuss your issues. Because hiring a lawyer to represent you is an important decision that should not be based solely upon the content of our website, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our attorneys and their qualifications and experience. McGrann Shea reserves the right to decline representation in any matter for any reason. You will only be considered a client once you have received an engagement letter from one of our attorneys.

McGrann Shea does not collect personally identifiable information about visitors to its website unless you specifically provide it to us. We will not disclose or provide any information you provide to us to any third party for any purpose, except as required by law or lawful process or in exigent circumstances where we reasonably believe there is a threat to person or property. Under no circumstances should you send us confidential, proprietary, and/or nonpublic information unless you have been expressly directed to do so by one of our attorneys. Any other information sent to us will not be considered confidential or privileged.

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To the extent we are required to designate a principal office or responsible attorney pursuant to the rules of professional responsibility of any jurisdiction, McGrann Shea designates its principal office as 800 Nicollet Mall, Suite 2600, Minneapolis, MN 55402-7035, USA.

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